Engage, Learn, Achieve

'Engage, Learn and Achieve.'

Don't try to fix the students, fix ourselves first. The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior. When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed. 
- Marva Collins 

The week began with number of tasks to do. It was confusing as it was not easy to understand at once either. We needed to be ready for peer review and to submit it back on the wiki given. The checklist to be prepared and submitted with comments. I was really engaged in building my final report on the things I have done. Activity sheets are something I needed to focus for my class students. Even though the modification on the WebQuest is still pending. I am hunting to understand all these things from my perspective. This is indeed something I have never done and kind of great learning experience too.

The NiceNet discussion is something with full of useful online resources. I have signed up for EasyClassMaker which I found really useful. Even LessonWriter is something I am going to use for future suggested by Sean Sir. There are various Software, freeware and online sources which can give you a chance to create test online. HotPotato is something to be found useful but I prefer QuizMaker over it.

After completing this project I would like to focus on creating something Google Sites as first time I understood how it would useful if you prepare something using Google Sites. Your efforts are really groovy Sean Sir. I would be thankful for providing me this opportunity.

Most importantly I like the idea of peer review where I have learned so many things from her Project Report and also her comments have taught me many things to makeover. Tetiana, she is someone I find really helpful in understanding my need as a peer mate. I am hoping to bring so many changes in the project before I submit it. I am confuse in making online test activity using tools mentioned as I have created assessment and activity sheet for that. I hope my mates and Sean Sir will give me some idea on that.

Before I end up this post, I would say that the way we are being engaged in these activities it is making us to learn so many things and now we are on final stage of the course for achieving something beyond the hard-work we have done. I am worried about the feedback which will be given by Sean Sir for improvements that I seek into myself. I have really devoted most of the time in completing the course with my best…

Thanking you so much Sean Sir for making us aware with so many things during the course.

Kamlesh Joshi

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