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Learning the Learner’s style: Active & Reflective

"Inclusive education is the need of the hour."
-Aamir Khan

Week was busy in doing other activities first time. I was reading about the Survey given and which led me to most important platform which will make me connected with the course participants where I have learned many things and many things still to know. Learning is a life ending process. When we talk about the learner’s learning style, how could we forget the torch bearer our mentor who have took us through the journey of different activities which has generated interest by engaging us through online tasks, Mr. Sean Sir.

Howard Gardner's rightly said Multiple Intelligence is important aspects one should give attention to it in teaching and learning process. He also argues, we as educators, need to understand students' strength and weaknesses to be the real helper as a teacher to them.
Technology as a player to address the need of the students to make them engage to gauge their needs even with various learning styles. Every student is gifted with certain intelligence it's a duty of the teacher to find out to cater the need to address the learning for the student. Technology has made various sources available which can address the learning styles of the students according to the need.

Taare Zameen Par by Steven Rudolph, January 15, 2008

Aamir Khan is a talented storyteller, who has captured the essence of India’s educational dilemma in a moving drama about a dyslexic boy, cruelly abandoned by a world that fails to understand his condition and his hidden talent. The film does an excellent job of pointing out how each child has unique abilities, and how parents and teachers often become so obsessed with children’s weaknesses, that they fail to notice and celebrate their strengths.
From an educator’s perspective, what was so exciting about the film was the clear depiction of the multiple intelligences concept. This concept states that there is not just one intelligence, but that there are multiple intelligences, namely: linguistic, logical-mathematic, musical, bodily, visual, naturalistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. In the story, the troubled boy, Ishaan, shows prodigious visual abilities through his artistic activities (creating remarkable drawings and paintings), and vivid imagination (represented in the maths test scene with the animated outer space sequence). He also displays exceptional naturalistic intelligence, indicated by his fascination with the fish and his strong kinship with the neighbourhood dogs.

I’m sure you all will love this film for the sheer beauty of the story, the direction, the acting, the music, and the message. But apart from that, I do hope that parents and educators pick up on the powerful educational underpinning of the film—that there are multiple intelligences and that there is more than one way to be smart. And further, that it is critical for us to understand the uniqueness of the child and how by using different techniques to address different intelligences we can help learners achieve their full potential.

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  1. Hi Kamlesh,

    I watched this movie quite some time ago and I liked it. As you have mentioned, they clearly depicted the multiple intelligence concept. Thank you for sharing the movie here.


  2. Thanks Annusha for your comment. I am really happy to know that you have watched this movie earlier already.


  3. Hi Kamlesh,
    You are right......the week has really been hectic and challenging for all the coursemates.The project task has encroached upon everybody's time I am glad you have been able to make it too.

    I happened to watch the film "Taare Zameen Par, Like Sars on Earth" sometime last year January 2013 with my young daughter. I loved it. At the end of the film, tears flowed down my face; it was so moving. The problem raised is rightly the one of mutiple intelligences, the conspiracy of silence or of neglignece that surrounds people/ children like Ishaan. Nobody seemed to understand the poor boy, neither, his father, his teachers nor the community. The boy was on the verge of being lost and dropped out when one provident and insightful teacher discovered his dyslexia. People even hardly believed his teacher when he explained it around him. He had to fight his way his own way to convince them and finally saved the boy who became the star of the community.

    Thank you Kamlesh for this post and for the film. I am going to download it and watch over an over again.


  4. Thanking you so much Foly for your dept reply..

    It's really pleasure to know that you have also watched this movie earlier...

    Thanking. you

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