One Teacher vs One Computer

Blog Post week 7

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” 

- Bill Gates

As I was hoping to participate on NiceNet discussions but unfortunately it has stopped working since yesterday. I hope it will work soon as I am ready to participate in it now. Let's make a post before it.

The teacher’s role is very important but I would like to bring the most famous example where Learners Autonomy was judged using the different approach for teaching them through computers without teacher. I am talking about the first experiment of Sugata Mitra in 1999, known as the Hole in the Wall experiments in children’s learning. In the initial experiment, a computer was placed in a kiosk created within a wall in a slum at Kalkaji, Delhi and children were allowed to use it freely. The experiment aimed at proving that children could be taught by computers very easily without any formal training. There are such various examples where teaching without teacher was focused using technology but many a time technology fails to create impact on students, even they as autonomous learners could not learn without help of teacher. There are many issues to talk on.

During this week we had been busy in completing the implementation of the project but still I am in defining the process of the project. I need one more week in defining the need of the students using appropriate tool for developing their pronunciation abilities. I have figured out the problem but need some more time in implementing it into the classroom. We are running our classroom activities and students are being away from the college as there are tech fests going on around.

We have learned about one of the most useful tool that is Padlet. I really loved at the first glance as I needed something that can be used in such manner that students given liberty to post anything they want and it will be the open wall for them to read and share with each other. There are many more features I found really useful. I have started using this as regular activity for the student of my classroom. It is indeed the best tool I have come across till today.

This time we going to have peer reviewing and I have Tetiana as my partner. I am seeking to learn many new things from her. I am still hunting for her Email ID as I could not find the direct contact of her. Let’s see how these two weeks are going to be.

Thanking you so much to all of you.

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  1. jurgita says:

    Dear Kamlesh,

    I really like the quotation you have used to start the reflections of this week. I must also say that I have always been thinking like this too. Nothing and nobody can substitute a teacher, yet a teacher can use such tools as technology to make the learning process active, interactive, autonomous and really efficient.

    Like you, I have also enjoyed the new web tool "Padlet" and I have loads of ideas on how, when and where to use it. I have found out a few more tools like that and if you want I will be able to share them with you.

    Wish you lots of luck with your project and I am sure you will be a great team together with Tetiana. :)

    Bets wishes,


  2. Hello Jurga,

    So long after I have seen your reflection on my ideas.

    I hope you will share the tools which you are aware of with me. Even I would like to know about on going process of your project plan. I am seeking for help from Tetiana. Please share me on if you have important to share.

    Thanking you in advance...

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