Hello Everyone ! Welcome to the blog

Hello there!!!

This is Kamlesh Joshi. As a part of learning from the online training course for English Language Teachers, I have prepared this blog which will contain all the fruitful learning that I have learned during this course from my mentors.

This course focuses on skills in English Language Teaching with technology. This course is funded through the E-Teacher Scholarship Program so I am so much happy that I have received this scholarship. 

We are going to create an ongoing record of our work on this blog. Our weekly posts will also include an update on progress with this project and students interaction based on this project. 

I am deeply thankful to UO AEI Webskills Team for providing me this opportunity to learn something useful in this 21st Century.

I am looking forward to learn some more things soon as possible.

Thanking You
Mr. Kamlesh Joshi
Assistant Professor
BITS edu campus, Vadodara.

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  1. love says:

    Nice to meet you Mr. Kamlesh

  2. Thank You dear...
    I could not read your name so please mention when you post next time...

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