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Hello to all,

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
 ― Dr. Seuss

“So many things to go through. So many new articles to read through. So many new materials to learn through.”
 – Kamlesh Joshi

It makes me really happy to add new knowledge while being on this course. Week 3 was full of the reading articles and searching for new things for preparing the report progress. I went through many reading articles, reports etc. with interactive websites embedded with lesson plans. This progressing week is teaching us new form of learning. This time, Nicenet discussions were such long that I cannot read all of them. I have go through them rather not thoroughly. In the beginning only I got to know that I have to face DRC (Doctoral Research Committee) for PhD admission so I was bit tensed about working on this project and drafting the presentation of Research. I am happy to share with you all that I have been selected as a PhD candidate under Gujarat Technological University. 

Writing assignment began with ‘delicious’ which was something most important thing as I have been using with Feedly, Pocket, Evernote etc. earlier so I knew the importance but by using, it has created the value within my learning style. I have added some links which are very important and want to add many more but it requires particular effort to be made rather I prefer pocket which is helping me to read the articles on offline mode when internet is not available many a time.

I have read Miller's "Developing Listening Skills with Authentic Materials" where he has rightly focused on importance of choosing authentic material as a teacher. I myself give so much importantance to the listening skills that I am always fond of listening the lectures of native speakers. I would say that I have developed ability of speaking good English because of listening only. It gives you immense exposer so one can begin easily. I have maintained habit of listening TED Talks for being updated with new trends and technology also it teaches many more things.

The Report I have written is of Nadina Nicolici, Lorin Salagean Technical Highschool, Romania. We are being L2 Second Language learner surprisingly English is 3rd language for them. I have learned many things from her experience and challenges she has faced. Most importantly the timeline she has mentioned carried through the implementation of activities and trial task for improving the students’ performance takes weightage of understanding the experiment with clear monitoring of her idea of using the tools properly.

Lets’ hope for new exciting week 4 for making the things into practice.

Thanking You
Kamlesh Joshi

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  1. Hi Kamlesh,

    First of all I´d like to wish you best of luck on the Phd admission process.

    The blog design is really welcoming and reading your week´s experience was really worth it and gave me some inspirations on how to model my own week´s post

    I´m going to investigate the use of pocket as it can be useful when one is offline. I also agree on the importance of using authentic material. Very interesting to know about how you developed your own speaking skills. To that, I´d like to add that until learners develop the skills to take the most benefit from authentic material, awe can definitely offer tools so that the overall impression from this practice is noticed as pleasant and beneficial instead of overwhelming.

    Enjoy week 4.
    Juliana - EFL and online blended teaching - Brazil.

  2. Baetty says:

    Hi Kamlesh,

    I like your quotation and the meaning you draw for your own context. I notice that we had chosen the same report by Nadina. You are right, we can learn alot from her project.


  3. Hello Juliana Ma’am,

    Thank you very much for your mighty wishes.

    So sweet to know that my post of the week is carrying such importance in so many mates like you. Pocket is very friendly in terms of chrome extension and Android App. I have it on all devices.

    One things I would say I am also inspired with your writings, I hope I could develop such.
    Kamlesh Joshi

  4. Thanks Baetty,

    First of all I really like your name, reading Nadina was inspiration as she has many challenges and overcame the failure.

    Thanking You again. . ..

  5. Hi Kamlesh,
    Tks a lot for your prompt reply and for your further comments about Pocket.
    Regarding writing skills - I do feel you are definitely developing the qualifications towards your aim. Your writing is already pretty comprehensible and coherent.

  6. PS - just to share it´s pretty difficult to type the words from prove you´re not a robot device.

  7. Thanks a lot for your comment on my writing for first comment.

    Sorry Juliana Ma'am, I could not understand the second comment about "PS - just to share it´s pretty difficult to type the words from prove you´re not a robot device."


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