Insightful journey of learning

Insightful journey of learning

In nine months, a group of children left alone with a computer in any language will reach the same standard as an office secretary in the West.”
Sugata Mitra

This week was full of the assignments and workload. Even though it was hectic but it was enjoying. There were many thing we have learned during this week. It makes me really happy to add new knowledge while being on this course.

The week 2 was pretty busy with the tasks, assignment and activity of commenting and reading as we have clearly instructed through Sean Sir.

These tasks make you investigate, analyze, think and apply theory in practice as righty said by one of the mates Jurga.

First and for the most important source we have focused and discussed is where we could encounter various kind of search engines which enable us for going beyond the classroom boundaries and gives us new world to work on. The is really inspiring note with given various links which talk about various aspect of research and development methodology using different Search Engines.

Large number of discussion has made us engaged in various debates and talk on preparing the ABCD model of creating objectives for the classroom. This was the best and easy technique to be followed by any teacher for drawing out the objectives for all kind of activity. Sharing about the class and its setting was even most important step as we are going towards the project task which is most important in this program. I liked the SMART approach shared by Ouarda that objectives must be:-

Attainable and Achievable,
Relevant and
Time bound

There are various sources we have discussed and many of them have shared new ones also. I would look forward for this new exciting journey of developing new sources and knowledge as a teacher.

Thanking You

Kamlesh Joshi

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  1. Hi Kamlesh,

    I like the way you have organized your blog. At first I thouhgt you you gave titles. On clicking on the title I have entered the comment and reflection part. Really nice.

    Regarding the ABCD objectives, was it easy for you to move from the SMART objectives to the ABCD objectives ? From the way you have described the SMART at length, I conclude that you had been using it before ? Am I right?

  2. TessLam says:

    Hi Kamlesh,

    I agree that the discussions engaged us in debates and talks about our projects and ideas. They also guide us to self-reflection about our own teaching and sometimes I am inspired.


  3. Hi Foli,

    Thanks a lot Sir, I am still experimenting with my blog that what can be done to make it much better.

    Yes you are right but I have learned them when I was in B.ed Advance course. I like technique of remembering them and representing them.

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. Thanks a lot TessLam for your fruitful comment.

  5. Baetty says:

    I agree with Foli, Your blog management is really nice

  6. Thanking you Baetty for your nice comment for appreciation...

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