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"Blogging and the Internet allow us to engage in a lot more real time conversations as opposed to a one-way dump of information or a message."
-Indra Nooyi 

According to me the blog is a place where you can share your ideas and emotions. It can be private or to be shared publically so others can read your thought. I have started using blog in my profession since 2010 when I was working with Intel as State Trainer where I used to keep a kind of record of daily activities that I had conducted with teachers, principals, CRC etc. It has been always fruitful to reach my students, teachers, etc. using blog.
Creating a blog is really easy task now a days with some clicks and tricks you can make it much better. But blog needs an assistance for keeping it updated with your thoughst on daily or weekly basis rather people will stop visiting your site. There are various customization that one can do with blog but many a time those customization make your blog sluggish so one should have knowledge of making it easily accessible when one connects. There are various articles which talk about making the blog more effective for readers around the world.

I will share my experiences here on this blog which I have created for learning web-skills for teaching through University of Oregon. There many questions coming to my mind when I am dealing with this blog as we are going to learn some new ways to implement the blog better in the classroom. One may have good knowledge about technology but until and unless one does not know how to implement that technology for making the learning happen, it’s worthless.

I am sure Mr. Sean Sir will fulfill our desire of learning something better with meeting needs as a learner.

Thanking You. . .
Kamlesh Joshi
Assistant Professor
BITS edu campus, Vadodara.

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  1. I hope I can accomplish that! You have such faith in me!


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  3. Its my privilege that I have received you comment on my blog. I have been ingrained by your representation of ABCD learning objectives. My students will join back college from 27 Jan 2014 so please help me to understand that when will I have to start implementing the project for my students?

    Thanking You Sean Sir. . .

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